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About Us

Jati was founded by a Vail, Colorado local. The idea was born after attending countless ski races, where athletes were forced to hang around in their wet, cold race suits after each event. This observation begged the question, what if the athletes could slip into something warm and comfortable after a hard day on the hill?
With a casual baggy fit, Jati leaves plenty of room for layers to be worn underneath. Constructed from heavyweight cotton and poly fleece, the suit is warm, durable, and promises to keep its shape wash after wash. The extra long zipper makes it incredibly easy to throw on quickly, and the two small zipper pockets ensure you can keep your belongings safe. The one-piece design works to effectively keep body heat in and the cold out, ensuring you’re comfortable as you take on all your athletic endeavors.

Since its 2011 inception, Jati has become a popular item around the ski hill. We have seen snowboarders and skiers everywhere come to appreciate its ease and comfort. However, Jati's reach has broadened, as it is now a popular item for climbers, kayakers, surfers and swimmers, as well. Not to mention it has the ability to take family camping trips to a whole new level. It seems people everywhere are agreeing that there is nothing better than slipping into a warm Jati, after a hard day exposed to the cold elements.